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A student of ours was recently awarded a music scholarship by the University of Minnesota (Duluth).  In response, her father wrote: "Thank you for giving her such a strong foundation on which to further develop her skills." 

Studio Location/Hours


We are located in Apple Valley, MN near the intersection of Pilot Knob Road and County Road 42.  Studio hours are 8:30 AM to 8 PM Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 5:00 PM Saturday-Sunday.  Closed Fridays in the Summer.


We have a comfortable, spacious, colorfully decorated music learning center with two studios (not cubicles), extensive music libraries, computers with widescreen HD monitors and quality speakers for audio/visual music training, an acoustic grand piano, and a high-end digital mini-grand.  


Type of Music Lessons We Teach


At the Apple Valley location, we teach piano We have associate teachers located close by for acoustic steel-string and electric/amplified guitar lessons.


Standard lessons are private for a single student, 30 minutes per week.  Some families enroll two children who have individual lessons back-to-back.


18 Reasons for Studying Piano at Our Music Academy

Testimonial of an Amazing Transformation

Letters from Students and Parents

Please note that we offer music lessons only.  We do not sell any musical products, equipment or replacement parts, and do not repair instruments


Please Read These Articles Before Buying a Piano or Guitar 


Students at the Apple Valley location need, at minimum, a full-featured digital piano to motivate adequate practice, develop good technique, progress steadily, and enjoy their music studies.  If you don't have an instrument, a purchase must be made before lessons begin so the student can practice at home


Examples of Entry-Level Instruments


Piano Buying Guide

Essential Piano Accessories


In addition, you can call or e-mail us with any related questions.


Registration for Lessons


If you're interested in enrollment, please fill out the appropriate form below.  Both forms are fillable with a computer, and can be e-mailed as PDF attachments.  Or, you can mail the form. 




1. PDF reader software is required on you computer to open the forms. 


2. Some Internet browsers display the form in read-only mode, which you cannot fill in.  Instead, you must save the file to your computer hard drive first.  It should end up in your browser file download list, or you can search for it on your computer as:

AVPARegisFormPiano or APMSRegisFormGuitar.


If the form is not saved to your hard drive, there are browser font errors due to the software used to create the form.  These are not typesetting mistakes on our part. 


The form must be received before scheduling a lesson readiness evaluation for younger students, or the first lesson.


Piano Student Registration Form

Guitar Student Registration Form



 What Do Lessons Cost?


To maintain competitive confidentiality, we do not publish our lesson rates on the Internet.   


For a fast quote, please call 952-322-4329. Or, you can text the following information:

  1. The name of the parent/guardian

  2. The age of the student

  3. The student's instrument: indicate piano or guitar.  For guitar, tell us the type (acoustic steel-string, acoustic nylon-string, electric/amplified)

  4. The style of music the student wants to learn (pop, rock/lead, Latin/Spanish, blues, jazz, etc.).  Providing a few examples of song titles with the name of the composer or artist is also helpful.

You should receive a reply to your text within a few hours. 


Overall, our 25-year track record is full of students making remarkable progress--and sometimes playing at a professional level--within 1-2 years. 

18 Reasons for Studying Piano at Our Music Academy

Our studio has produced virtuoso performers and college scholarship winners. 

This is possible because we teach of numerous secrets of professional technique and artistry at all levels.  Thus, with us, the journey to musical success begins with the very first lesson.

Or, if you just want learn the basics of piano and have fun, we can do that too.

Update: A student of ours was recently awarded a music scholarship by UMD.  In response, her father wrote: "Thank you for giving her such a strong foundation on which to further develop her skills." 

Free prizes and incentives that motivate younger students to practice. 

Free cold beverages for all; free hot beverages (including Starbucks-quality espresso, cappuccinos and lattes) for adults.

Free Wi-Fi access for adult smart phones and siblings' tablet computers.

Free custom learning materials for piano created by our head teacher, that you can't find in stores or on the Internet. 

These include:

·        detailed study notes for piano pieces the student is working on (see the topic "Custom Piano Editions with Study Notes" below, or click here for an example.)

·        free sheet music (click here for samples)

·        free arrangements of virtuoso music designed for advanced beginners and intermediates (makes children and teens sound like "junior concert performers")·  

·        "excerpt" arrangements from full-length masterworks (not available anywhere else), so you can sound like a concert pianist with out months of practicing long pieces

·        free studies and exercises for developing technical virtuosity

·        free music theory handouts

·        essays on technique, musicianship, theory, ornamentation, etc.

In many cases, students can instantly print copies of these free materials on our studio printer. Or―if the student downloads the free Finale Notepad 2012 software―they can play back the head teacher's Finale music files on their computer at any speed they want. 

At lesson studios where free, high-quality learning resources are minimal or not provided, you can pay $100+ extra per year for these required materials.  In short, these lessons can cost about $10 more per month than the quote you receive.

Students perform in recitals on a 9-foot Steinway "D" grand piano, the same instrument used by the world's greatest virtuosos for concerts and recordings.

In the studio, piano students learn on a high-end digital grand piano or a European-style acoustic grand piano. 

Our Roland digital grand has a slanted lid and the harp shape of an acoustic grand, allowing for additional speakers and much better sound quality than a console (rectangular) digital.  The digital grand is used to teach young children due to its light, "easy" key action and access to multiple instrument sounds.

Our acoustic grand has an "old world" European scale design, providing a tone that is warm, round,  and sweet.  It is also regularly tuned, voiced and adjusted by a nationally-recognized expert technician.

Digital music teaching workstations with 21-inch HD monitors and premium audio systems.

These workstations provide students with access to fun, interactive software and games for music theory and note reading.  They also serve to showcase our head teacher's custom music learning materials, master-performer videos and accompanying sheet music.  As a result of the latter, students can see and hear virtuosos play the music they are studying.

Finale music writing software on our digital music teaching workstations.

This software allows us to create music exercises and theory examples tailored to each student right in their lesson, as well as illustrate various musical concepts in a crystal-clear visual format. 

Students can also use a MIDI keyboard to  capture what they play on the screen as staff notation.

In addition, our head teacher has written a free Finale instruction manual, so students can learn to use the program at home.  As a result, they can prepare their written music homework assignments with software rather instead of the slow and graphically erratic method of writing music by hand.

Comprehensive musical training that includes:

·        techniquethe finger skills required to play music accurately, beautifully and expressively; an understanding of how the choice of fingers used on either hand  improves the ease of playing)

·        musicianshipquality of sound, conforming to all the expression symbols in written sheet music

·        interpretationvarying the sound and time of notes according to personal taste, phrasing, establishing a proper mood or feeling, realizing ornaments symbols, etc.

·        music appreciationexposure to a wide variety of music from all historical periods, which positively influences the student's ability to play contrasting styles in an authentic fashion.

·        theory (the building blocks, structure, and notation of music, leading to a full understanding of each piece studied, so the student plays the music properly.)

·        composition, arranging and improvisation (focusing on the creative aspect of music)

·        ear training (learning to recognize the names of intervals and chords,  nelody and rhythm patterns without looking at sheet music; the goal is to dramatically improve the students musical hearing, leading to better instrumental performance.)

Development of the student's unique musical personality

Rather than teach students to copy the teacher's playing style, we have specialized techniques that allow them to develop their own.  This self-discovery process of sound variations, guided by an expert teacher.  Eventually, the student develops a strong sense of confidence as a musician, and the ability to be creative without the teacher's assistance.  Thus, even our younger students become real musical artists.

For every hour in the studio, our head teacher spends approximately 30 minutes on lesson preparation. (See "1000s of custom learning materials…" below for details.) 

In short, his students pay for a 30-minute lesson, but receive 45 minutes of his time as teachers.  The overall result is a highly effective, detailed, content-rich lesson experience that helps students master their instrument more quickly and thoroughly.

Important note: The head teacher routinely shares the content of his lesson prep to our associate, early childhood teacher, to an extent that's relevant to her students.  Also, most students who stay with us for 2-3 years or more eventually move to the head teacher. 

Piano Skill Testing

For students/parents who request it, we offer graded testing in ear training, "technical" exercises (such as scales and arpeggios) and music performance, which provides provides a clear measurement of student progress.  With each successful test, the selected student rises one grade out of 10, giving them  a sense of accomplishment and confidence.  Best of all, the skills acquired improve one's playing and ability to learn new music quickly.


The testing curriculum is based on the internationally recognized standards.

  For advanced students, digital metronome and highly sophisticated chord and note-recognition "flashcard" software, written by our head teacher.

  Our teachers have a minimum of 12 years of music teaching experience.

Our head teacher has 50 years of music experience, college and university training in music theory and performance, and has published music teaching books sold on major retail websites.

  We are full-time, professional teachers.

As a result of this exclusive focus, we are expert musical educators capable of delivering rapid, quality progress and satisfaction to our students. 

Our Newest Feature:

Free Hidden Treasures of Piano Music

For those students who love classical piano music, our head teacher has compiled a a FREE SHEET MUSIC catalog of hundreds of "hidden treasures".

These are extraordinarily beautiful compositions―especially in terms of the melody―yet are unknown to the vast majority of piano students and even many professionals. 

Most importantly, the hidden treasures catalog of piano music ranges in difficulty from mid-beginner to the concert level.  Therefore, every student who enjoys classical music has access to these precious compositions.

Some of this music is not available in stores, and is very difficult to find―even on the Internet.  In one case, for example, it took four hours to find one of these rare sheet music scores.  In other cases, there is only one piano music treasure in an entire large collection.  Thus, pianists must play through numerous pieces in dozens of collections to find all the pieces in our catalog.

This resource is available exclusively to students of Apple Valley Guitar and Piano Academy

Custom Piano Editions with Study Notes

Our head teacher produced dozens of professionally-typeset piano music editions designed for our students.  Each of these meticulously crafted publications involves up to 40 hours of effort in the following areas:

Detailed study notes, which are used to guide the student in their lessons.  Particularly important are solutions to technical and rhythmic problems that allow students to overcome difficulties quickly.

Numerous fingering indications (1-5), including extra ones missing from standard sheet music, and improvements on existing ones. This is especially important in passages that must be played fast.  As a result, the music is much easier for our students to play.

Furthermore, doing this work up front means that valuable lesson time is not wasted while the teacher adds or corrects fingerings in standard editions.

  Melodic ornaments (trills, mordents, etc.), which are usually abbreviated symbols such as "tr", are "realized" or written out in full.  All these realizations are confirmed by listening to recordings of the world's greatest concert piano interpreters, who are the true experts as far as ornament performance is concerned.  In contrast, relying on the ornament interpretations in commercial editions often leads to musically unsatisfying results. 

Below is an example of a trill realization: 


In contrast, the "as written" example would be incomprehensible to many younger students. 


These custom editions are just one of many examples of Apple Valley Piano Academy's commitment to the highest levels of excellence in piano teaching, and above all, to the piano playing success of our students.


Special Articles on the Piano


The Inside Story of the Piano

Piano Tone Production Theory

(These articles explain many technical terms used in those below)

How to Use the Piano's 3 Pedals

How to Improve the Sound of Your Piano

Piano Tuning: The Key to Beautiful Tone


More Letters from Students and Parents

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Studying Fine-Art Music Improves Intelligence


Science has shown that playing fine-art/classical music improves intelligence, stimulates artistic creativity, and boosts learning ability. 


You or your child can enjoy these benefits with the guidance of our fine-art music experts. 

Note that we also teach quality popular music.


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Customer Service Contact information


Contact Apple Valley Piano Academy,

Apple Valley, Minnesota


Call: 952-322-4329

E-mail: info @ AVGuitarAcademy . com


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Privacy Statement


All information we obtain from customers in order to conduct our music lesson business and process payments is kept confidential.  We do not sell e-mail or postal addresses of our customers to any other party.


Payment, Cancellation, Return and Refund Policies


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We are located in Apple Valley, MN, and serve the following South of the River communities: Apple Valley, Burnsville, Cannon Falls, Coates, Eagan, Eden Prairie, Farmington, Hastings, Inver Grove Heights, Lakeville, New Market, Northfield, Owatonna, Prior Lake, Rosemount, and Webster




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